Admiral Kao USA, Inc.


Kao USA, Inc. is committed to the environment and their community. We are incredibly thankful for their time, energy, and support. We're proud to say Kao USA, Inc. is in our Corporate Program at the level of Admiral.


Every year, Kao USA, Inc. collaborates with the Council to plan a major cleanup in the City of Cincinnati. Both on land and in the Mill Creek, any area touched by the more than 50 Kao volunteers is beautified through the removal of trash, trail maintenance, weeding, invasive species removal, and mulching.


Kao leads the beauty industry with distinctive brands and a history of innovation. Some of their brands include John Frieda, Jergens, Biore, and Curel. Kao is a global company committed to activities contributing to the sustainability of society. Conservation, Community and Culture are three core areas of focus where Kao is best able to contribute to the solution of global social issues.


According to their website:

"We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, conserving biodiversity and conducting environmental activities through community engagement.


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