2/27 Mill Creek Meeting


State of the Mill Creek Report

The Council welcomed over 100 guests at the State of the Mill Creek Report on Thursday, February 27.  The Dan Beard Council building in Evendale was a perfect location for such a crowd. Dr. Michael Miller, stream ecologist and Mill Creek enthusiast, presented the data from the first year of the Mill Creek Water Quality Monitoring Program. Also, the Council gave thanks for all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make 2013 a success. We recognized the following people for their hard work and dedication:

Champions for the Council
  • Dana Boll
  • Dick Brewer / Duke Energy
  • Bruce Koehler
  • Brian Kwiatkowski
  • John Mangan
  • Mike Miller
  • Skylor Miller
  • Chip Skidmore
Outgoing Board Members and Board Members Emeritus
  • Dave Buesking
  • Melanie Brokaw
  • John Hunter
  • Mike Miller
  • Jerald Robertson
  • Lynn Tetley
Water Quality Monitoring Program Volunteers
  • Yvonne Baxter
  • Ishi Buffam
  • Alicia Butler
  • Andrew Feltner
  • Elisabeth Ferguson     
  • Joseph Freeman
  • Luke Freeman
  • Ryan Grafton
  • John Hunter
  • Bruce Koehler
  • Gerald Koehne
  • Cindy Lear
  • Emily Sowles
  • Daniel Martin
  • Bernie Moller
  • Mike Miller
  • Jared Mueller
  • Sergey Portyanko
  • Apryl Pfahler
  • Nancy Shaw
  • Levon Siler
  • Lydia Sowles


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