State Of The Mill Creek Report

State of the Mill Creek Report 2016

There’s a lot going on in the Mill Creek Watershed and the Council was pleased to share the annual State of the Mill Creek Report on Tuesday, March 1 at the Dan Beard Council in Evendale. Mill Creek enthusiasts gathered to hear a summary of the many project and program accomplishments and a brief report on the water quality data that was collected and analyzed by more than 50 citizen scientist volunteers in 2015. The Council was delighted to recognize the hundreds of volunteer hours and supporter contributions that made 2015 a success.

We extend a huge thank you to Pilot Chemical Company for sponsoring this event and we are excited to welcome their employees as volunteers for the 2016 monitoring season! The Council would also like to thank Dan Beard Council for letting us use their excellent facility and to Dr. Michael Miller and Dan Martin for being a part of the presentation. Click here to view the presentation.

Another big accomplishment of 2015 was the completion of the Mill Creek Watershed Strategic Plan. The Plan is now on our website and can be viewed by clicking here.

Thank you to our event sponsors!
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