Business Roundtable Event


Mill Creek Watershed Business Roundtable

The Council held its first ever Mill Creek Watershed Business Roundtable on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. The audience consisted of over 50 representatives from watershed businesses and communities. The Council sincerely thanks our panelists for participating in this event and raising some great ideas. Let's keep the conversation going! We are planning a Business Charrette for this winter.

The panel discussed several pertinent factors in which their businesses relate to the Mill Creek. As a result of the panel, the Council is now much more aware of top priority issues and opportunities. The panelists also mentioned ideas on how they would like to engage with the Mill Creek Watershed and how they could encourage others to see the product of their investment. We thank the panelists for giving their unique perspective on water-related issues, challenges and opportunities.

The panelists included:

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