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Wyoming Highlights the Mill Creek Yacht Club

After getting reports of a “major appliance” tossed into the Mill Creek in Wyoming, the Mill Creek Yacht Club swung into action this fall for an impromptu clean-up to pull 2,000 pounds of trash from the banks of the creek in Wyoming.

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Mill Creek Featured by American Rivers

In 1996, Mill Creek was recognized as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. Now, thanks to 2 local non-profit organizations, Mill Creek has better water quality, accessible bike paths, and an increase in species of fish. For Mill Creek, the future looks bright.

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Seeking: Energetic Creative With Environmental Interests

The Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities (Council) is seeking an energetic, creative person with an interest in the environment and nature to fill the role of Communications & Marketing Intern. The position will be a balance of interactive meetings, administrative work, and play in the creek.

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Welcome to the Family, University of Cincinnati

A special thanks to the University of Cincinnati’s Environmental Studies Program, which sponsored a group of students for an unforgettable journey with the Mill Creek Yacht Club. This year, 35 undergraduate students went as a part of the “Advanced Environmental Topics: Water” course taught by Dr. Ishi Buffam.

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Welcome to the Family, Ford

Ford Motor Company’s Sharonville Transmission Plant (STP) has been producing automotive components since 1958. Its products include gears and transmissions which are distributed to other Ford transmission plants and support almost every vehicle that Ford North America makes and sells. STP is a member of the Mill Creek Watershed Council and is dedicated to protecting and improving this important urban stream and its watershed.

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Welcome to the Family, Formica

Founded in 1913, Formica Corporation, part of the global Formica Group of companies, is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative surfacing products for commercial and residential applications. With employees crossing the Mill Creek each day to access work, Formica Corporation is excited to join as a member of the Mill Creek Watershed Council.

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Welcome to the Family, GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc.

GZA is pleased to be a new member of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities! Our growing office has been in the Cincinnati area for over 10 years. Founded in 1964 as Goldberg-Zoino & Associates, Inc., a soils and foundations specialty consultant, GZA has grown into a full-service company providing its clients with highly diversified technical services supporting our core practice areas.

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