Enerfab, Brighton Tru-Edge Cleanup

EnerFab and Brighton Tru-Edge Teamup at Twin Creek Preserve

Volunteers from Enerfab, Inc. and Brighton Tru-Edge teamed up to remove unwanted vegetation and trash from Twin Creek Preserve in Sharonville on Saturday, May 7. Thank you to both businesses for spending your Saturday morning improving the Mill Creek. Also, a big thanks to the City of Sharonville for picking up the trash after the event!

We collected a total of 14 bags of trash! We are proud to have Enerfab as a business member of the Watershed Council.

Twin Creek Preserve was designed with a floodplain bench along the stream that allows the water to dissipate during high rain events in order to help slow down the water. When water moves out onto the floodplain it often leaves trash and debris deposited along the banks from the Upper Mill Creek Watershed. This is why we see trash in Twin Creek Preserve. 

Invasive plants including bush honeysuckle are found all throughout the region. Seeds are carried by wind, water, or by animal and find their way to the preserve. It takes a lot of work to keep up with making sure that invasive plants don’t take over in the preserve.

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