Evendale Removes 75 Tires

Village of Evendale Removes 75 Tires from Mill Creek Corridor

A large pile of old tires was hidden from view within the riparian corridor of a Mill Creek tributary for years before volunteers with the Mill Creek Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program spotted them at one of their sampling sites. Volunteer Barb McGraw, passed along a photo and details about the tire sighting to a staff member of the Council, and then began a series of steps to get the tires removed. The Village of Evendale has been a great partner throughout the process and provided a great service to help remove the tires from the corridor. Funding for the tire removal was provided by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and the tires were recycled using Rumpke’s Tire Recycling Services. A special thank you goes out to the Village of Evendale staff and a handful of dedicated volunteers who spent a portion of their Thursday afternoon helping to haul the tires to the pickup location.