Water Resources Committee

Water Quality Data Monitoring Data Assessment Meeting 

Starting a water quality monitoring program is a big initiative, and it will take time and money and, most importantly, effective partnerships to get there. Through new sources of funding, we are excited to begin building on the current data monitoring efforts in the Mill Creek Watershed. On Monday, Dec. 11 the Council coordinated a meeting to discuss past and current water quality data collection activities and the potential strategies for a more robust and comprehensive monitoring program. It is our goal to collect data on water chemistry, habitat, biology, and flow in the watershed.

Short-term goals include:
  • Mapping out collection efforts
  • Clarifying program goals
  • Developing an ideal program framework
  • Implementing what is feasible with current funding
Long-term goals include:
  • Training volunteers
  • Seeking out additional funding
  • Continuing efforts to tie in monitoring program with other watershed-wide initiatives
  • Building up to a more comprehensive monitoring program