Heat, Sun, and Volunteer FUN!


The hottest week so far this year didn't deter volunteers from working hard every day June 16-19 on projects in the Mill Creek Watershed.

The Council hosted 13 volunteers from the Catholic HEART Workcamp for the third year in a row, tackling projects along the Mill Creek and its tributaries in Wyoming and Sharonville.

Throughout the week we mulched and placed weed protection mats along hundreds of newly planted trees within the riparian habitat of the West Fork of the Mill Creek, took out invasive species at Twin Creek Preserve, and removed loads of trash from the Mill Creek along General Mills property.

We want to thank the volunteers from Catholic HEART Workcamp, City of Wyoming, City of Sharonville, General Mills, the Mill Creek Yacht Club and the Cincinnati Toolbank for providing the time and resources we needed to make this event possible.

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