July 26 Canoe Outing


The Yacht Club Offers a Unique Perspective of Cincinnati

The Mill Creek Yacht Club held a canoe outing on Saturday, July 26. We paddled from Carthage to the yellow Millcreek Road Bridge in Northside. Among the 17 paddlers, 9 of them were welcomed as new crewmates. We had to wait out an unexpected pop-up thunderstorm, but the lightning was stunning!

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Become a crewmate of the Mill Creek Yacht Club this year! We have several upcoming events. Contact Annie Rahall to sign up: arahall@millcreekwatershed.org, (513) 563-8800

Anyone who floats with us on the long-abused but resurgent Mill Creek is a crewmate of the Mill Creek Yacht Club. Paddling the Mill Creek is fun with a purpose. We not only enjoy recreation, but also learn about the stream, exchange ideas, and raise public awareness.