Making Greenhills A Little Greener

Volunteer Planting in Greenhills





On Tuesday, April 19, the Village of Greenhills, the Mill Creek Watershed Council, and Evans Landscaping hosted a volunteer planting behind the Greenhills Shopping Center. This project was funded by the Ohio EPA and the US EPA.

A handful of volunteers from the Winton Woods School District and friends of the Council planted nearly 300 plants! 

The plants are a combination of perennial flowers and grasses. The variation in plants will flower at different times keeping the basin looking nice whenever visitors pass. These plants, and the basin overall, will clean the water as it is absorbed into the ground.

Another feature of this project: the stormwater that passes through this basin will also be captured in a cistern that the Village will use to water plants - how cool!

Talk about a water cycle, am I right?

More photos here.