Funding to Kick-Start Adopt-a-Stream Program

Thank you to the students of Dr. Hopfensperger’s Protecting Water Resources class for selecting to fund our Adopt-A-Stream program through the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project  at Northern Kentucky University. The Council is thrilled to accept an award of $2,000 to fund a demonstration Adopt-A-Stream location for 2016.

The Mill Creek Adopt-A-Stream program will encourage citizens to claim ownership of their urban stream through active participation and educational opportunities. Participants become the “caretaker” of a stretch of stream and will commit to perform a list of annual activities related to protecting, enhancing, and monitoring their designated stream corridor. The group will be provided with a tool-kit to perform tasks such as stream cleanups, habitat and water quality monitoring, community presentations, stream walks, and reporting illicit discharges and spills. 

The grant money from the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project allows us to pilot the project in one demonstration area within the watershed. The pilot program will begin small, but we will continue to add Adopt-a-Stream locations as more funding becomes available for the program. 


Would you like to volunteer for this program in 2016? Contact Kara if you are interested.
Thank you to the Northern Kentucky University Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project for the award.