Proof of Mill Creek Improvement

Proof of Mill Creek improvement can be found while exploring the watershed


Council Trustee, Kevin Reynolds, shares a story about his experience with recreating in the Mill Creek:

"After biking to a short Cincinnati Cycle Club ride in Wyoming, I decided to bike out to Twin Creek Preserve and try my hand at fishing.  The preserve was looking good with a lot of native flowers in bloom.

I rode the gravel trail to the west end and assembled my fishing rod, tying on an artificial lure.  I had no luck in the flat water but finally caught a rock bass as I moved closer to the riffles.  This was my first fish caught in the Mill Creek and my first fish of the year.  I returned him to the water for some future lucky angler to catch.

On my bike ride back to Grosbeck, I rode south on Reading and cut over to North Bend and rode the first segments of the Mill Creek bike trail.  There must have been 15 kids swimming in the Creek beneath the North Bend overpass, as well as a skateboarder and a couple of kids on their bikes riding the trail. 

This made me think what an amazing resource the Mill Creek is and the importance of the Council and other organizations in helping the Mill Creek to reach it’s potential.
When I eventually made it home, I had covered 54 miles and spent $10 on fuel (Tandoor Indian Buffet-yum!).  Surprisingly, the same trip in my Honda Element would have cost about $10 in gasoline."