Mill Creek Promo Videos

Mill Creek Promo Video Viewing Party

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities (Council). For those of you who have been following us throughout the year, you know we’ve celebrated every bit of the way! Our Mill Creek Promo Video Party was no exception and everyone was invited.

The Council was formed in 1995 when 17 of the 37 political jurisdictions in the watershed signed the original intergovernmental agreement on the banks of the Mill Creek. Since then, the Council has served as a consensus-building engine among watershed stakeholders to achieve the vision of a restored Mill Creek that is an asset to our region.

Mill Creek Promo Video Viewing Party
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Date: Thursday, November 19
Location: Raffel’s Catering and Banquet Halls
10160 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

The first public showing of four short, promotional videos featuring the beautiful Mill Creek, Commodore Koehler, Mike "The Tire Vulture" Reifenberger, Roberts Academy's Tracy Power, and University of Cincinnati's Dr. Michael Miller was on Thursday, November 19. These short films each highlight a piece of the past and present of the Mill Creek and, in all, 60+ participants viewed them to awe and amazement. 


This viewing party is the first of a series. Stay tuned for a schedule of events.

The videos were directed, produced, shot, and edited by David Ashbrock. We are thankful for the extraordinary effort and time he put into this project. The Mill Creek has never looked better!

Thank you, Formica, for making this event possible!
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