Mill Creek Yacht Club's 119th Trip

Mill Creek Yacht Club SS0 700 Trip

Blog Post_May 17 tripA group of 24 people participated in a canoe float with the Mill Creek Yacht Club on Sunday, May 17. Armed with high boots and baseball hats, the group started at the Twin Creek Preserve in Sharonville, and ended at Columbia Avenue Bridge in Reading.

Twin Creek Preserve is a restoration project which was completed in 2012. The park is one of the few Mill Creek locations with connectivity to the stream and easy canoe access.

The weather could not have been more perfect for the group to drift down the Mill Creek. Canoes, lifejackets and paddles were all provided to those traveling down the waterway. The trip took participants past the outfall for Sanitary Sewer Overflow #700 (SSO 700), a major source of pollution to the Mill Creek. Jeff Agricola, Director of Public Works for the City of Springdale, spoke about plans for the SSO 700 Integrated Watershed Action Plan (IWAP), which aims to address these issues. About halfway through the trip, paddlers also came upon a giant log jam which consists of a large pile of trees, a forgotten hot tub, and other debris.

This particular canoe trip took place right after the Yacht Club’s most recent trip on April 17, 2015 for the 21st Annual Mill Creek Cleanup.

Navigating the Mill Creek is always an adventure! Stay in contact with the Mill Creek Watershed Council to hear of more opportunities in the future to explore the Mill Creek firsthand. 

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