Northsider Article on Mill Creek


Kara Scheehorn, Council Watershed Coordinator, publishes article on the Mill Creek Yacht Club in The Northsider

Our very own Kara Scheerhorn wrote an excellent article on the Mill Creek Yacht Club which was published in the June edition of The Northsider. She describes the experience of becoming a crewmate of the Yacht Club and quotes participants on their encounters.

Excerpt from The Northsider Article:

“A paddle on the Mill Creek is a "must do" for any Cincinnatian who loves the outdoors,” Greg Bechtel, Engineer at General Electric Aviation, said. “I've paddled on many rivers and lakes, but I've never had an experience with such a unique mix of sights and sounds.”

Trustee of the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, Merrie Stillpass, was thrilled beyond expectations while participating in the 100th outing.

“The Mill Creek and its tributaries have historically been and will continue to be a tremendous resource for our region,” Stillpass said. “I hope that more people will find opportunities to become engaged with the corridor and enjoy the hiking and biking pathways that are being constructed, as well as find safe access onto the water.”

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