Off To A Great Start in 2016!

Greater Cincinnati Foundation Funds $25,000 to Further Mill Creek Awareness


The Mill Creek Watershed Council is excited to announce that our Mill Creek Watershed Strategic Plan implementation project has been funded through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. With the grant funds the Council seeks to build on our strategic plan framework to increase volunteer and community participation in stewardship of the Mill Creek. We will use the development of the Mill Creek Strategic Plan to guide our goals and objectives. This project will help us to propagate our mission to protect and enhance the Mill Creek and ensure a sustainable and healthy water resource for years to come. Of the total amount, $19,000 is awarded through the William R. Schott Family Fund which is a Field of Interest Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. We sincerely thank the foundation for this generous award.


The PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee Funds $15,000 for Mill Creek Education and Outreach Campaign


Funding through the Jack J. Smith Jr. Charitable Trust will allow the Mill Creek Watershed Council to build on our existing mission-driven activities and leverage the data collected from the strategic planning process to find better ways to serve the region in delivering Mill Creek improvement. This year we will develop a comprehensive education and outreach campaign to increase awareness of the Mill Creek Watershed. Through this campaign we will tell the story of the Mill Creek, one of recovery and promise, and share the role our shared water resource can play in the growth and sustainability of the Greater Cincinnati area. We thank PNC Charitable Trust for helping us to shift the negative perception of the Mill Creek into one of a vibrant Mill Creek with healthy and active communities.