Public Urban Stream Adventures

Paddling with the expert guides of the Mill Creek Yacht Club (MCYC) is the best way to experience Mill Creek wonders while learning about our long-abused but surprisingly resurgent urban stream.

Join the Commodore and other MCYC veterans this paddling season! We have a full recreational calendar ahead and will release the dates as signups become available at the bottom of this page.

Use of Council boats is strongly recommended, as portions of the Mill Creek can be rough on canoes and kayaks. In addition, there is sometimes limited space on the trailers for additional, personal vessels. If you have questions, contact the Yacht Club at

For those who have paddled with us in the past, there has been a change this year to a $25 per-paddle fee, rather than a one-time membership for the year. In addition to reserving you a seat in a boat, a paddle, the necessary safety equipment, and a Mill Creek Yacht Club t-shirt for new paddlers, this fee will go toward covering the expense of liability insurance, equipment maintenance, and staff support time. Paddlers using their own boats are also required to pay this fee. This is a necessary change to enable us to sustain this opportunity for members of the public to experience the Mill Creek and its watershed in a truly unique way. 

(For more information about our decision to transition to registration through Eventbrite, please click here.)

If you accept the risks* and are ready to sign up for your trip, use the link under your chosen date to register:

Saturday, June 17 - Mill Creek Yacht Club Public Urban Stream Adventure Route: Sharonville through Evendale, ending in ReadingLink to Register - please read the important safety information below before registering

Saturday, May 20 - Mill Creek Yacht Club kickoff to 2017 season! Route: Carthage through Center Hill, Elmwood Place, St Bernard, Winton Place, Clifton, Northside, Camp Washington, and finally ending in South Cumminsville

*Important Safety Information: 

Ohio EPA recommends no contact with waters of the Mill Creek because it can have high levels of fecal coliform bacteria and other pathogens from time to time, especially within 48 to 72 hours of a rainstorm heavy enough to cause combined sewer overflows. 

It is your personal choice on whether to participate, based largely on the strength of your immune system and your willingness to take a calculated risk.  If you have an open cut or weakened immunities, you should not go.  You should be 18 or older to be on the water with us.

You will need to be sure-footed in some places.  Be ready to climb out of the canoe to get past shallow spots and low-head dams.  Potential safety hazards include sudden drop-offs, hidden holes, foot entrapments, slippery algae, submerged obstacles, jagged objects and sealed bottles with volatile methadone ingredients.  Germicidal gel and a simple first-aid kit will be available.