Removing Honeysuckle Along the Mill Creek


Great Honeysuckle Round-up

 The Wyoming Environmental Stewardship Commission (ESC) would like to thank all of the volunteers who came out to support and assist with the Great Honeysuckle Round-up. The Honeysuckle Round-up is an annual event that highlights ongoing efforts in the City of Wyoming to rid backyards and greenspaces of alien/invasive plant species. More than three dozen volunteers attended organized events at Oak Park on March 21st and April 25th, including City Council member Jen Eismeier, ESC Chair Brian Kwiatkowski, and Wyoming High School students from Tim Niemiller’s science class. Thank you for participating!

For more info on similar efforts around Cincinnati, click here.

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Wildermuth Maintenance Day

 On Saturday, April 25 a group of volunteers braved the rain to remove honeysuckle within the riparian corridor of the East Fork Mill Creek at the site of Wildermuth Project. The Council is thankful for the help in preparing the site for the upcoming grand opening.

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