Volunteers Wanted: Help Revive the Mill Creek

The Council is looking for volunteers to jump-start the Mill Creek Watershed Volunteer Monitoring Program.

The Water Quality Monitoring Program will establish a well-trained and committed volunteer water quality monitoring team in the Mill Creek Watershed that will provide continuous, consistent data to help us protect our urban stream.

We are looking for volunteers to commit to one Saturday per month from March to November 2013. Volunteers will collect grab samples to be tested for:

  • conductivity 
  • pH 
  • turbidity 
  • nitrates 
  • total phosphorus 
  • bacteria

The sampling sites are located as far north as Springdale/Sharonville and as far south as Amberly Village. Volunteers will work in teams of two or three when sampling. Grab sampling should take no more than two hours. Training for volunteers will occur on February 23rd at the University of Cincinnati Field Station in Harrison, OH. Volunteers will be compensated for travel between sites and to the lab.

Volunteers are also needed to conduct lab analyses on the water samples after collection at a lab facility. Please let us know if you are certified to perform analysis on the criteria listed above and if you are interested in volunteer lab work. Grab sampling volunteers are also invited to assist with testing samples at the lab. For more information, contact Kara Scheerhorn at kscheerhorn@millcreekwatershed.org or 513-563-8800.