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Ford Motor Company’s Sharonville Transmission Plant (STP) has been producing automotive components since 1958. Its products include gears and transmissions which are distributed to other Ford transmission plants and support almost every vehicle that Ford North America makes and sells.

STP is committed to environmental stewardship. Since 2008, the plant has reduced its landfill footprint by 80% through active recycling programs. In 2013, the plant began recovering oil lost during the manufacturing process. This effort has helped STP reclaim 45,000 gallons of machining oils annually for direct reuse. Collectively, reusing the recovered oil and the recycling of swarf (shavings from the machining process) has diverted 600 tons of waste from landfills. Additionally, in 2013, the plantreduced energy consumption by 14,000 megawatt hours, enough to power 1,400 households for a year.

The plant was recently recognized for achieving the highest level of the Ohio EPA’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Program— the Gold Level Membership —as well as earning a Silver Level Award for the grinding swarf and oil recycling projects. STP was one of only eight Ohio organizations to receive the highest designation for environmental stewardship in 2015.

STP is a member of the Mill Creek Watershed Council and is dedicated to protecting and improving this important urban stream and its watershed.


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