Wyoming Arbor Day Celebration

You're invited to volunteer with the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities and the City of Wyoming to clear the way (literally!) for the Stream Restoration at Stearns Woods Project.

This event is the first in a series of volunteer invasives control and planting days associated with this project.

The day will kick off with a ceremony to celebrate Arbor Day and the history of Stearns Woods, a description of the restoration project, and the planting of a tree in honor of Arbor Day. Volunteers will then assist with removing already cut bush honeysuckle from the site and possibly pulling garlic mustard.

A reforested Stearns Woods will feature native shrubs and trees, providing a thriving forest requiring less maintenance in the future. Native flowers will be able to reestablish and flourish once the dense honeysuckle is removed, providing seasonal blooms across the forest floor and sending down roots that will hold soil in place. In addition, 400 feet of Cilley Creek will be restored after the removal of an old eroding dam. Upon completion, the Stearns Woods and Cilley Creek restorations will provide a valuable green space for the City of Wyoming for years to come while improving the overall health of the Mill Creek Watershed.

The first step is to remove ecologically harmful invasive vegetation in Stearns Woods--and that's where you come in! Funding for this project is made possible through the Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program and an Ohio EPA Section 319 grant. Local match money and volunteer time make up a part of that funding--all of the volunteer time spent removing invasives and planting native plants can be counted as local match!

Event Details When: Saturday, April 29 from 9am to 11am Meeting Place: Hilltop Primary School Parking Lot, 425 Oliver Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215 Please follow this link to sign up and for more information.

For more information or answers to questions, contact Jim Moyer at jmoyer@millcreekwatershed.org.

Much Thanks:
To Procter & Gamble who donated saplings to the Council for the Stearns Woods Restoration Project. The donated trees are leafing out and ready to be planted during the Arbor Day Celebration.
To Taking Root for graciously donating hundreds of Northern Red Oak bareroot saplings to the Council. These trees will be planted at the site of the Stearns Woods Restoration Project as part of this Arbor Day Celebration.