Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring


Our dedicated volunteer citizen scientists visit 46 sites throughout the Mill Creek watershed on the second Saturday of every month, March through November. Some water quality monitoring volunteers collect water samples and make stream observations in the field, while others receive the samples at the Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility laboratory and analyze for six parameters: nitrates, total phosphorus, conductivity, turbidity, pH, and E. coli/coliforms.


Data from previous years can be accessed on our Maps, Data, and Resources page. If you are interested in joining the program as a volunteer or have questions, contact us.


The Mill Creek Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program is made possible by generous funding from Butler County Storm Water District. We are also very grateful to the Butler County Water & Sewer Department and their supportive staff for providing the lab space and direction for the program. Support through advancement in technology is provided by RA Consultants, LLC. And finally, the Council thanks the committed volunteers for their dedication to making this program successful.



Watershed Planning

Over the past several years, the Council has both participated in and led watershed planning efforts, including the Upper Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan (December 2005), the Lower Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan (July 2014), and the Sharon Creek - Mill Creek NPS-IS (Nine Element) Plan (February 2017). Plans produced by Council-led teams can be found on our Publications page, while plans primarily authored by others can be accessed on our Resources page.